Simple. Seamless. SafeGuard®

Self-Funding for the Small to Mid-Size Employer

SafeGuard is self-funded coverage designed to suit the needs of the small to mid-size employer– coverage that is easy to understand and explain, feels like insured coverage, and doesn’t require ongoing administration from the employer’s staff.


SafeGuard offers the benefits of self-funding without the complications. The employer makes only a few key decisions in building a plan to meet the group’s unique needs– simply selecting benefit design, deductible level and member share percentage. The plan document, major provider network memberships, excess loss insurance coverage, and professional administration are already in place.


SafeGuard is turnkey, and results are seamless: All aspects of the plan are handled under one roof, from billing to claims adjudication, member support to network coordination, compliance review to excess loss insurance claim and payment processing. Employers make one monthly payment, and we handle the rest– the employer is not required to submit bills, track paperwork, or pre-pay high dollar claims and await reimbursement.


SafeGuard offers the significant advantage of same-source excess loss insurance and benefit administration. Because SafeGuard provides both, there are no coverage gaps in the SafeGuard program–thereby eliminating anxiety and processing delays for the member, as well as limiting liability issues and financial impact for the employer.

SafeGuard Highlights

  • SafeGuard coverage utilizes proven provider networks offering high levels of participation and significant discounts.
  • Underwritten rates
  • Online resources assist members 24/7 with needs including Explanation of Benefits (EOB) copies, provider lookups and coverage questions.
  • SafeGuard delivers comprehensive benefits, professional administration, and excess loss insurance protection– for one predictable monthly payment, and if claims experience is favorable, employers can receive money back.
  • Out-of-state members are assigned a provider network yielding high provider participation and discounts.
  • SafeGuard excess loss insurance coverage pays at the time the employer needs it– this coverage is available to pay large claims as they happen, unlike competitor products that require the employer to pay up front and await reimbursement.
  • A staff of professionals in claims, billing and member services stand behind our plans, and have extensive experience with our benefit designs, vendors and networks.
  • Prescription coverage is accepted at nearly all major pharmacies and most local or independent pharmacies in the U.S.
  • Four-tier prescription drug coverage with copays starting at $10 accompanies traditional plans.
  • A mail order program for maintenance drugs offers steep discounts and the convenience of home delivery.
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